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Live cruise deck camera


The "LIVE" broadcast menu is now available on our website.

We have installed 10 camera on our boats that broadcast continuously while sailing. Those interested can follow our voyage and if you are still thinking about joining us, we would like to encourage you to take up this new way of life. On our LIVE channel, you can see the sea and the ports of call, a special service that only Victoria Cruises offers. The camera system is an innovation: the interior cabins can be a bit overwhelming for the occupants due to the lack of windows. They can lose track of time or feel trapped by the lack of windows. That's why we've come up with this camera system, and an LCD monitor in the inner cabins where residents can see the outside world as if they were looking out a window. They can also see the sunrise, the sea and the sunset, so they can live their life on the boat with a completely different feeling. These cameras can be enjoyed by anyone curious about the Victoria Cruises lifestyle. Once the ships have sailed, we will be broadcasting live programs of events and activities on board. But with several months to go until the ships sail, we want to bring you as many of the events and reports as possible. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and our YouTube channel, where we'll always be announcing live shows in advance. Or subscribe to our newsletter, where we'll also keep you up to date on upcoming shows.

Victoria Majestic deck camera

Location of cameras

Location of cameras

Victoria Majestic position

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