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Virtual itinerary by Google Earth


Google Earth has come up with a great new feature.
It allows users to create a travel (route plan) project. This allows you to follow a virtual route through the cities you have chosen, getting new information from Google's database. This service is very useful and for many years everyone has been using Google services to get a more comprehensive picture of a city and new information.
Victoria Cruises was quick to take note of this trial and we created a virtual version of our itinerary.
You can view it here by clicking on the URL below.

What's great about this solution is that the URL of the completed project does not change. So if we ever modify the route plan, e.g. add a new port to the route, everyone will still see the route at the same URL.
It's a very nice and visual thing for Google to do, and it's a great contribution to our passengers being able to virtually navigate the Victoria Cruises itinerary.

We have added some new ports in Asia and Europe to the route plan.
These ports are:
Davo-Philippines, Jayapura-Indonesia, Goa-India,
Cagliari and Palermo-Italy,Ajaccio-France,Almeria-Spain,Cadiz and Faro-Portugal, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin-France,  Plymouth-UK,  Belfast-Northern Ireland

Cuba has been removed from the route plan because visas for US citizens are not possible.
The visit to the South Pole is weather dependent; if the captain feels that the weather
permits then the route will be in that direction. If not, the currently planned Magellan Strait will remain.
We wish you a good browsing.

Thanks to Google.

Author: VCL team

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