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Retirement home vs. cruise ship luxury residence?


Retirement life: boring weekdays or rich adventure experience? Which would you choose?

Retirement home vs. cruise ship luxury residence? 

Comparing costs and lifestyle 

In 2021, retirement is looking much brighter than before. It's time for you to change your perspective! This article is here to help you do just that. 

Nowadays, there are many options for retired people:

  • Own or rent an apartment for your retirement at an average monthly cost of $11,600
  • If you are thinking of a nursing home, you can expect to pay roughly $14,250 a month-, for 24-hour nursing care, but the same routine every day, a consistent environment and the same opportunities every day
  • You can rent a hotel apartment for a long stay, with breakfast and home care assistance, where you don't have to worry about chores, but it's a rather hectic lifestyle, not to mention the fact that lunch and dinner, entertainment and other facilities are extra on top of the monthly fee.

In the case of the three lifestyles above, the holidays are funded at an additional $5,000 per month (this equates to one round-the-world cruise per year for 138 days).

However, a brilliant option for the adventurous and active retiree has emerged, offering a more adventurous, comfortable and exhilarating lifestyle than any other alternative on the market!

The idea is that once you're finally free and never have to work again, how about exploring the world by renting a cabin or suite on a luxury ocean liner for a long period of time? (6-18 months or more)

The average daily rate of $132-$417 includes all-inclusive accommodation, 24-hour free medical supervision, and activity, cultural and entertainment options specifically designed for the 65+ age group.

A very tempting alternative, isn't it?

Well, let's take a closer look at the data!


Long-term hotel stay

Looking at the prices of Marriott-, Four Seasons, Ritz-, and Fairmont, it seems that you can rent an apartment for a long stay for between $80-$150, including the senior discount. The price includes breakfast, daily housekeeping and fresh towels, and free use of some spa facilities. Additional main meals are $100-$200 daily for lunch at any restaurant for $2,000-$4,000 per month. Other expenses such as homecare assistance, room service, and other everyday expenses (holidays, hairdressing, entertainment, etc.) are added to this, but for pensioners with a car, the monthly car expenses and fuel costs are added, but public bus transport is free for those over 65+.

Some hotel chains allow you to move from city to city with the same living conditions if you stay within the hotel chain. Obviously, the inconveniences of travelling and moving have to be considered.

Retirement homes

The entrance deposits at these institutions are very high, ranging from roughly $100,000 to one million dollars, with monthly fees of up to $7,500-$15,000. This translates into an average daily fee of $250-$500.

Not to mention that there is a very long waiting list in the most popular places, with almost no way to get in except on a drop-in basis.

The homes include basic care and permanent care supervision, as well as group sessions in the home. Relatives are free to visit their loved ones under certain conditions.

Living on a cruise houseboat and travelling around the world

The management of Victoria Cruises  has come up with a colossally ingenious solution.

Taking the basic idea of a sophisticated and premium retirement home, updating it and "putting" it on an ocean liner.

So you can travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home! Amazing!


As they say, "For the sake of a change of scenery, why not live in retirement on a constantly moving ocean liner?"

Why should retirement be about nihilism, boredom and the usual vegetation?

Why shouldn't a moderately young person over 65 be more active than waiting for the daily TV shows to start and playing cards with friends?

This alternative can also be much cheaper than renting an apartment, hotel room or retirement home. It offers the same benefits and advantages, while giving residents the experience of a lifetime.


In addition to all-inclusive care, there are adult-friendly activities, recreational and sports facilities, regular company, educational lectures, entertainment and even on-board doctors and nurses available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-, in the ship's medical center.

Admire our elegant staterooms/suite

By spending several days in each port, you can comfortably explore the wonders and fascinating landscapes of the world, spending quality leisure time discovering not only the port area but also the culture and customs of the country.

In short: be at home at sea, be at home around the world! 

The world's longest-ever round-the-world cruise offers a global adventure for the 65+ age group on Victoria Cruises  like no other on Earth.

On board the Victoria Majestic and Victoria Amazing, 1,350-1,258 people can enjoy everyday life in luxury suites and premium cabins while cruising the world. Designed with refined elegance, the suites offer complete comfort, relaxation and an unrivalled experience.

Fill your retirement years with life and adventure - because you deserve it!


Costs on Victoria Cruises'  luxury ocean cruise houseboats:



An average premium cabin with ocean views costs $3,999 per person per month, while a luxury suite costs $12,510 per person per month. That works out to $132 to $417 per day.

There are very few cruise lines that are happy to host their passengers every day for years, and Victoria Cruises is one of them, offerings the longest, most sustainable cruise. 

Over the course of an 27-month, 540-day round-the-world cruise, the two ships will take their residents/passengers to some 211 countries, departing from and returning to Miami. Have a look of the itinerary  

Ethical on-board pricing policy at Victoria Cruises 

On VCL ships, the prices for services are the same as on land, unlike on board almost all ocean-going cruise lines, where they are often up to ten times the usual price!

Attention! Reservations have already started, spaces are limited, almost 100 suites are already rented!

Author: Vivien H.

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