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Residential Cruises – A New Way To Travel The World




For many of us, a trip around the world is unachievable. The cost for one is insurmountable. But what if I told you that there is a way to live at sea and cruise around the world at the same time? All in luxury aboard a spacious and fully refurbished cruise ship. Residential cruises - a new way to travel the world, are the perfect solution to make your dreams come to reality!

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Advantages of Cruising

Personally, I’m a cruise convert. Since I took my first trip aboard a cruise ship in 2015, I was hooked. Everything about the cruise ship experience appealed to me. The beautifully appointed staterooms, the incredible facilities and amenities, the delicious and plentiful food, the choice of dining venues and bars, the superb entertainment and the great selection of activities on board the ship, were all top class.

Not to mention, the convenience of unpacking my suitcase once and not having to lug it around as I travelled from place to place. Having my own personal stateroom attendant to clean my room and provide whatever I wanted. Even room service if I so desired. Eating delicious food every day that I don’t have to prepare for myself. Getting off the ship most days in a new country at a new port. The cruise ship experience is both luxurious and exciting.

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Residential Cruises

Imagine having all this long term? On a residential ship that slowly cruises around the world visiting 115 different countries. With a minimum rental period of six months at an affordable price starting from as low as $133 USD per person per day. The prospect of experiencing this lifestyle is incredibly tempting. In fact, I think I could pack my bags tomorrow and set off on an adventure such as this.

Depending on your budget, you can either rent a stateroom or suite of varying room sizes for a fixed period. Once aboard the ship, it is no different than a typical ocean cruise. Everything is included. Food, activities, use of amenities, entertainment, internet are provided, plus special services are offered at affordable prices.

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The main difference is that residential cruises can stop at a port for up to 5 days at a time. Length of time your stay is in a port is determined by a passenger poll. This means you have plenty of time to get off the ship and explore the places that you are visiting.

I must admit that sometimes normal cruise ship stops in port are very rushed and I feel that I haven’t spent enough time at the destination. That's why the idea of having a few days to fully explore the destination is very attractive to me. If you so desire you can spend a night or two off the ship and get a credit to your account for the unused days.


Advantages of Long-Term Cruises

One of the biggest advantages of long-term cruising is the ease of the lifestyle. Once aboard you don’t really need to worry about a thing. Everything is provided.

It is a lifestyle that will take you all around the world visiting some of the most fascinating and exotic countries. It allows you time to really immerse yourself into the culture of the destination and discover some of the amazing attractions. You choose how long to stay aboard the ship, whether it be six months, 12 months or 24 months. It's your choice. 

Residential cruises are for adults only (18 years and over), so passengers don’t need to worry about small children running around the shared areas on the ship.


Because of the availability of Wifi aboard the ship digital nomads could easily work from their personal computers whilst travelling the world. Undoubtedly this type of work/life balance is enviable and would suit anyone of any age group that works remotely.

Retirees could essentially rent out their homes and get aboard a cruise for 12 months or more to see the world instead of stagnating at home. It is a great alternative to trying to keep up with an exhaustive travel itinerary on a normal around-the-world trip. You're able to sit back and relax on the cruise ship and choose whether to disembark the ship or not. I can’t think of anything more exciting than this type of lifestyle!


What To Expect From a Long-Term Cruise

Once you've selected your stateroom and length of stay, you can expect the same benefits as any ordinary cruise. So you really don't need to spend any extra money as everything is included. You can dine at a variety of fine restaurants, enjoy a beverage in the bars, see great entertainment, utilise free internet, and get medical support if required, at no extra cost.

However, luxuries like massages, spa treatments, hair and nail salon, some activities, casino gaming, certain alcoholic beverages and fine dining restaurants are at an extra affordable cost to residents. Gourmet diners can savour the Marcello & Fabrizio fine dining restaurant, as well as the Trattoria Omero restaurant.

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Daily life aboard the ship can be made up of relaxing around the swimming pool, going to the fitness centre for a workout, partaking in a class, playing at one of the volleyball, basketball, tennis, or football courts, or borrowing a book to read from the library. 

Nightly entertainment is provided with shows in the main showroom, live music and there is always the casino for a flutter on the gaming tables or poker machines. Otherwise choose from a large selection of movies from the ship's central TV system and watch them in the comfort of your own cabin for free.

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Where to Embark on a Residential Cruise

The residential cruise ships either commence from Miami in USA, or Livorno in Italy. The departure dates are 1 February 2023 from Miami, and 1 April 2023 from Livorno. Depending on your personal choice and circumstances you can stay on the ship for six months up to unlimited months!

The round-the-world cruise takes you to every continent in the world. Including North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Australia and Oceania. The duration of the trip is approximately 27 months in total, with about 540 days spent at ports. For a closer look at residential cruise destinations, CLICK HERE.


The ships are equipped with an online system called the "On Board System" or OBS. The OBS is provided in each stateroom/suite and is actually a tablet that is your personal electronic assistant for the duration of the cruise. From here you can find out what's happening on the ship, book a restaurant, book your shore excursions, learn the ship's current position, next departure time and next port of arrival.

I can't think of a better way to see the world. Victoria Residential Cruises have thought of everything. You'll certainly be guaranteed a "bon voyage" for the next stage of your life and the adventure of a lifetime!

This blog article was produced by our partner Kathy Marris

Author: Kathy Marris

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