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Long term cruises for seniors: FAQ


Long term cruises for seniors: most frequented askeds  questions

Did you know you could retire on a cruise ship?

The longest “around the world” cruise at the best price ever!

There are a lot of cruise lines-, that are offering long term around the world trips, but clearly the longest of the longest is the Grand Voyage by Victoria Cruises.

Until 2021, before Victoria Cruises, the longest cruise was  by Viking Cruise Line with 138 days. Second place was Holland American Line (HAL) and MSC Cruises with 128 days, and the final was Princess Cruises with 55 days.

Only one of them (Viking) can be compared with Victoria Cruises, who are welcoming passengers on board over-the age of 18. Victoria Cruises is the most adult friendly as well, their passengers are generally aged 40-50.

On top of this, VCL  is the best deal  rental costs starting from $132/day/person with all inclusive pampering in a premium cabin,- while the others are pricier-

Viking $435, HAL $176, Princess $142.


Benefits of long term cruising:

  • You have enough time to discover places-, and learn the culture, not just the ports

  • You don't need to rush,

  • VCL also buy daily fresh seafood directly from fishermen at the port

  • You can live on boat, like normally at home, don't need to moving around with heavy luggages, getting tired from long traveling time.

  • On board you have homecare service, if you need some help

  • VCL have the strictest healthcare protocol, so you don't need to worry about anything

  • Between ports you have enough time to relax, learn or be entertained

  • The whole world is your home

How much is a cruise that takes you around the world?

Its really depends on how many days the cruise lasts and which company you choose. Average cost is $201.20/person/day.

  • 55-day cruise $7,790

  • 128-day cruise between $15,490-$22,499 

  • 138-day cruise: $55,995

  • 800-day cruise (just only offered by VCL): $7,999 (monthly/starting price)

How much does a 365-day cruise cost?

Prices around $70,000-$120,000/1-2 years / person. 

You can book this type of world adventure  only with Victoria Cruises Line at .

(The round-the-world trip takes about 27 months, the time spent in ports is about 540 days.)

They offering premium suites, cabins and luxury staterooms only for adults, only over 50 years of age. The ship functions like a luxurious houseboat or an elite retirement home. Passengers can live their normal everyday life while traveling around the world.

Which cruise line is best for single seniors?

It doesn't matter if you are single or not, the best deal is Victoria Cruises.

They are prepared and focused for the needs of seniors, which means the following: 

  • Wellness and spa

  • Beautycare

  • Healthcare

  • Medical services

  • Fresh premium selection foods and drinks

  • Every cabin and stateroom has a luxurious interior, high quality textiles and beautycare products

  • Adult and senior friendly entertainment options

  • Adult friendly company aboard, no children, no adults under  the age of 40.

How long does an around- the- world cruise take?

The average lasts 6 months-unlimited months, dependings on how flexible you are. 

You can live on the boat like at home, or you can enjoy a holiday, its up to you.

If you want to make a really cool decision, move to the Victoria Majestic or Victoria Amazing and be different! 

How much does it cost to retire on a cruise ship?

I wrote more about this in my previous article (RETIREMENT HOME VS. CRUISE SHIP LUXURY RESIDENCE?) here, but take a look at this chart:


As you can see, you can live your retirement years on a cruise ship from $132-$417 daily.

For this price, you don’t need to pay bills, clean your apartment, shop, cook, clean the dishes, wash your clothes, pay for holidays, pay for homecare services, pay to move around, or use your car or public transport daily. You have much more time to enjoy your life, take your time, read books, play games or whatever you truly want.

Can I live permanently on a cruise ship?

There are very few cruise lines that are happy to host their passengers every day for years, and Victoria Cruises is one of them, offering the longest, most sustainable cruise.

The answer is then yes, you can!

You can rent a stateroom for 6-18 or even more months-, and live normal “land life” on the sea.

How much does it cost to live on a cruise ship full time?

In 2022-2023, an  27 months world cruise with Victoria Cruises costs roughly $5,000-$20,000. You can stay longer aboard if you want, after 800 days it's not nessesary to move, just simply start a new expedition!

How do you live on a cruise ship for a year?

You can live normally like on land-, for more than a year if you want. lt's not just a holiday, not just a world cruise, it's a luxurious lifestyle

Author: Vivien H.

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