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Live in Luxury Aboard a Cruise Ship


We all know that "life is what you make it". If you're perfectly content to live within your comfort zone and not try or experience new things you can soon get into a rut. It's easy to live day after day with the same dull routine because it involves little effort. However, what if I told you that your life could be much more? There are plenty of ways to make your life more exciting. For example, you can even live in luxury aboard a cruise ship and travel the world!

You are probably thinking how could I afford to do that? What do I do with my home? How can I leave my grandkids or beloved pets behind? There are possibly a million questions and excuses you can come up with. But believe me, a residential cruise aboard a luxury cruise ship is achievable. As it happens it is downright doable!


What is a Residential Cruise?

Residential cruises aren't entirely new. You will find that most cruise ships have permanent residents aboard that hop from one cruise to another and keep on cruising around the globe. There is also a high-end luxury residential cruise available that is very costly.

However, I'm here to tell you that it's possible to select your stateroom or suite aboard a luxury cruise ship for as little as $133 US per day. Then sail off into the sunset travelling the world, for a minimum of six months up to 27 months stay, (the time it takes to complete the cruise).


Your life will be transformed into an all-inclusive vacation with most of your meals, beverages, on board activities and entertainment, housekeeping, fitness classes, Wi-Fi, TV, and even medical consultation, included.

You get to travel around the world visiting as many as 115 countries, taking your time in each port to explore the destination. To find out more download a brochure HERE

So rent out the family home, say goodbye to your pets and family members and make this time of life your very own. You can always keep in touch by FaceTime and your home will be waiting for you when you return. You deserve it!


The Advantages of Living on a Residential Ship

Who wouldn't want to transform their entire life into a cruise? Spending at least part of your retirement on a cruise ship means you’ll see the parts of the world you always wished you had time to travel to. Plus you can do it on your terms.

It's a lifestyle that many of us vie for. Sailing the world on a luxury cruise ship, living in your well-appointed stateroom or suite with a housekeeper, accessing fabulous amenities whilst aboard, and seeing all those bucket list destinations at exotic locations all over the world.


For digital nomads, a residential cruise is also achievable. You can work from home aboard the ship, with access to free WiFi. Travel the world and work at the same time!

One of the other advantages of long-term cruising is that as time passes, neighbours become travel companions and travel companions become good friends. So isolation and loneliness are never an issue.

To make long-term cruising even more affordable, Victoria Cruises Line residential cruises offer a loyalty program. If you sail for more than 12 months with the cruise line you will receive a discounted rate of 10% on your monthly rental. The rate then increases according to the length or your rental contract, up to 40% off for 3 years or more.

One of the other advantages of long-term cruising is that as time passes, neighbours become travel companions and travel companions become good friends. So isolation and loneliness are never an issue.

Marasalform Gozo

What to Expect Aboard a Luxury Residential Cruise

Life aboard a luxury residential cruise is pretty much the same as a normal ocean cruise holiday. The main difference is that residents get to spend extensive time exploring the most exotic and well-travelled destinations. At each port, you will get three to five days to roam before returning to the ship.

Otherwise, you can dine at a variety of fine restaurants, enjoy a beverage in the bars, go to live shows and entertainment, see a movie in the cinema, undertake classes, access free internet, and get medical support if required, at no extra cost.


However, luxuries like massages, spa treatments, hair and nail salon, some activities, casino gaming, certain alcoholic beverages and fine dining restaurants are at an extra affordable cost to residents. Food lovers can savour the Marcello & Fabrizio fine dining restaurant, as well as the Trattoria Omero restaurant. 

Daily life aboard the ship can be made up of relaxing around the swimming pool, going to the fitness centre for a workout, partaking in a class, playing at one of the volleyball, basketball, tennis, or football courts, or borrowing a book to read from the library.


Nightly entertainment is provided with shows in the main showroom, live music and there is always the casino for a flutter on the gaming tables or poker machines. Otherwise, if you wish to stay in the comfort of your cabin, there is a large selection of movies from the ship’s central TV system to choose from.

If you want to spend your retirement a little differently than the norm, retire on one of Victoria Cruises Line adult-only cruise ships. You’ll stay active, travel the world and have a maintenance-free lifestyle. Doesn't that sound idyllic?

Author: Kathy Marris

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