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Life on board
Medical care on board

The question on everyone's mind is what medical care can be provided on board?
This is a question that is of particular concern to the older generation.
In this blog, I will now go into a little more detail about the medical care available on board VCL vessel.

All passenger ships have a medical centre. This is usually where care for minor accidents on board or for sea sickness during the voyage is predominant. These are covered by a well-trained doctor and medical staff on board each vessel.
On VCL ships, the passengers are long-term residents and live their lives here, so we have set up a much better equipped medical centre with a professional medical team to ensure that everything is at the disposal of the residents should the need arise.
Our medical centres are equipped with 5 beds, in case it is necessary for a patient to be under medical supervision for a few days.
The medical centre is equipped with ECG, EEG, X-ray, ultrasound, defibrillator, etc. All the necessary equipment to perform minor outpatient surgeries is available.

medical center vcl

The medical centre is on call 24 hours a day. On board, 3 doctors and 6 nurses take turns to attend to patients. We also have a small pharmacy where we can supply patients with basic medicines. If you require a continuous supply of medication, please consult your pharmacist before departure to ensure that you do not run out of the medication you need. As we are supplied with essential medicines, you will need to bring any special medicines with you on board.
The medical centre also has a dental clinic, if necessary we can provide all outpatient treatment as our dental department is equipped with the latest equipment.


If you decide to travel with us but are concerned about medical care, you can rest assured that our professional medical team is fully prepared to provide care to all passengers should you contact the medical centre with any complaints.

Author: VCL team

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