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How to pack


How to pack

On any long cruise, we are faced with the question of what clothes to take and how many pairs of clothes to pack. This dilemma is more of a problem when moving onto a boat for a longer trip. A lot of our passengers have asked us what and how to pack when moving onto a Victoria Cruises residential ship. In this blog post, we will try to help you with what to pack and how to do it in order to minimize the space taken up by clothes and other items.


What to pack


When packing, it is recommended to pack clothes in a vacuum bag. All chain stores sell vacuum bags of different sizes and packing clothes in these will allow you to fit much more in a smaller space. You can also use these vacuum bags when travelling because at the change of season, unused clothes will take up much less space in your wardrobe if you store them in a vacuum bag. The personal stewards on board will help you with all your packing needs.




What clothes to pack

Pack clothes appropriate for each season. If you are booking for a shorter time, you may want to check the VCL port document to see where you are sailing at the time you have booked. This will help you decide what clothes to pack and how much to pack.

If you are booking a cabin for a longer period, at least one year, you will be spending all seasons on board, so pack clothing appropriate for each season. As a free laundry service is available to all charterers, there’s no need to pile up clothes to avoid paying for laundry service. Our staff will be happy to help you with all your laundry needs.


Victoria Cruises will provide all passengers with the clothes listed below FREE of charge, which you will find in your cabin upon arrival. Each passenger will receive two T-shirts, a jacket, a baseball cap and a backpack.


You can purchase additional clothing items on board, all items are available in the shop. An additional 10 percent discount is available for purchases made in the shop. It is worth looking through our clothing catalogue, as you will need to pack less clothing if you shop on board.


Some items cannot be brought on board. Please consult the booking condition document to ensure that you do not inadvertently bring any prohibited items on board. If an object is brought on board that is prohibited, the captain will dispose of the prohibited object at their discretion.

Author: VCL team

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