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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions about World Cruises


How long does an around the world cruise take?

As you can see down below, the lengths of world cruise depends of the cruise line company, but first of all the longest is the Grand Voyage by Victoria Cruises line which takes 540 days,(The round-the-world trip takes about 27 months, the time spent in ports is about 540 days.). It means that you can rent a stateroom for the whole trip, with all inclusive pampering, luxurious area, adult/senior friendly entertainment options.


Are world cruises cancelled?

Not at all, or not all of them. The best cruise line companies have updated their organisations and healthcare protocol, which means that this type of traveling became one of the safest ways.

How much does it cost to go around the world on a cruise ship?

It depends again of the cruise line company, average cost of a whole around the world adventure on a cruise ship takes $7.999-$34.999 /month 

Are world cruises safe?

Absolutely, mainly after the entire cruise industry practically shut down in 2020, many health and safety measures have been introduced aboard too.

Prices might be a bit higher, but feel good knowing extra measures have been put in place for passengers health and protection during this time of continued global pandemic.

What are the most majestic destinations of the Grand Voyage you will explore with Victoria Cruises Line?

Of course the Grand Voyage contains first of all the seven wonders of the ancient world, like:

  • Great Pyramid of Giza, and Lighthouse of Alexandria

  • Colossus of Rhodes

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon, todays name Hillah / Iraq

  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Turkey

  • Statue of Zeus at Olympia

  • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Turkey

And this is just 7 of the 211 places! Amazing adventure awaits You, for example like Morocco, Namibia, Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Galapagos, El Salvador, Canada, China, Japan, Philippines, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Paris and so on. 

What benefits are included when booking the Grand Voyage?

First of all We offer a special trip and experience that you can't get anywhere else. 

The Grand voyage trip lasts ca. 27 months, while you live on vessel like at home. You can do different activities, enjoy cultural programs or exhibitions, you can learn new skills, can study if you want. 

During this wonderful time we will take you to the nicest places of Earth mother, 211 country awaits you soon!

The ships offer cabins and suites of different sizes for short and long term charter, with all-inclusive catering and luxury services at affordable prices. The cheapest rental cost starts from $133/person/day.



You can go to the gym, take online and painting courses, invite your partner to the theatre, the cinema or a classical music concert, or get to know your favourite travelling companion in the romantic Lounge.

You can blow off some steam at the casino with a good poker game or in the arcade. More sedate seafarers can recharge with pampering massages, jacuzzis and spa treatments en route between two ports of call.

The sundeck and pool deck are covered in winter, so you can indulge in the dolce vita feeling regardless of the season, and without the hustle and bustle of children, as only guests over 18 years of age are allowed on board!

Casual wear formal is recommended on two evenings a week, but for less formal guests we also offer other dress-code-free options on these two evenings.

If you need internet access for work, we have got you covered with unlimited internet access for all passengers through state-of-the-art O3b mPower technology.


A wide range of Staterooms and suites are available for hire on board, with floor space as follows:

The average size of the interior Staterooms is 161-215 sq. ft. (15-20 m2), (you don't have to give up the view either, as you can admire the current landscape through a 100 cm LCD screen)

With sea view and veranda Staterooms of about 237 sq. ft. (22 m2)

And suites average 280-1270 sq. ft. (26-118 m2) in size

Sleep-Relax: King-size premium mattresses and elegant cotton bed linen, as well as anti-allergenic pillows in various sizes, ensure you get the maximum rest. All beds can be converted into a double bed or two single beds on request.

Comfort and luxury: King-size premium mattresses and elegant cotton bed linen, as well as anti-allergenic pillows in various sizes, ensure you get the maximum rest. All beds can be converted into a double bed or two single beds on request.

Which cruise line is best for single seniors?

I think the best solution is highly the Victoria Cruises Line’s Grand Voyage, because it is specially for adults over 40 age, without kids. 

All of the equipment and entertainment possibilities are prepared for these people. The staff are also professionally trained to take the best care of them.

Here You will find as a senior or mid-aged adventurer the highest level of elegance, luxury and comfort as well.

What age is considered senior for cruises?

It depends, but basically over 60 age means senior, between 40-60 ages the passengers are mid-age group.

At Victoria Cruises Line the basic rule, that they lovely welcome only adult aboard especially over 40 age.

Do you have to pay for medical care on a cruise ship?

Normally you should, but by Victoria Cruises Line it’s included in the price. (general practitioner service)

Do I need to pay for drinkable water?

No, it’s included, everyday fresh mineral water prepared in your stateroom.

What's included in all inclusive?

Our standard interior stateroom (costs $133/day/person) contains:

  • all inclusive buffet restaurant with, unlimited coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, some alcoholic beverages (flowing wine and draught beer)

  • during the day, sweet and savoury pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, unlimited consumption of certain alcoholic beverages (wine and beer on tap) in the buffet restaurants.

  • use of self-service laundry facilities

  • change of bed linen 1x a week, change of towels 3x a week,

  • daily cleaning

  • use of internet (except movie downloads)

  • on-board swimming pool, sunbathing, solarium, gym, some adult animation programmes (as advertised) theatre, other themed shows, dance evenings (excluding drinks and food)

  • 24/7 medical support

  • high healthcare protocol cause the pandemic, that means every passenger is in safe aboard

  • The list of services for each stateroom can be found in the stateroom menu

What does it mean 7/24 healthcare service aboard?

both of our cruise ships we always have 3 doctors, 1 dentist and a fully equipped “onboard-hospital” are always prepared for every case!

The question on everyone's mind is what medical care can be provided on board?

This is a question that is of particular concern to the older generation.

In this blog, I will now go into a little more detail about the medical care available on board VCL vessel.

All passenger ships have a medical centre. This is usually where care for minor accidents on board or for sea sickness during the voyage is predominant. These are covered by a well-trained doctor and medical staff on board each vessel.

On VCL ships, the passengers are long-term residents and live their lives here, so we have set up a much better equipped medical centre with a professional medical team to ensure that everything is at the disposal of the residents should the need arise.

Our medical centres are equipped with 10 beds, in case it is necessary for a patient to be under medical supervision for a few days.

The medical centre is equipped with ECG, EEG, X-ray, ultrasound, defibrillator, etc. All the necessary equipment to perform minor outpatient surgeries is available.

Victoria Cruises Medical Center

The medical centre is on call 24 hours a day. On board, 3 doctors and 6 nurses take turns to attend to patients. We also have a small pharmacy where we can supply patients with basic medicines. If you require a continuous supply of medication, please consult your pharmacist before departure to ensure that you do not run out of the medication you need. As we are supplied with essential medicines, you will need to bring any special medicines with you on board.

The medical centre also has a dental clinic, if necessary we can provide all outpatient treatment as our dental department is equipped with the latest equipment.

Victoria Cruises Dental

If you decide to travel with us but are concerned about medical care, you can rest assured that our professional medical team is fully prepared to provide care to all passengers should you contact the medical centre with any complaints.

Is There Phone and Internet Access?

For sure! And it's free of charge!

During the trip, our boats are equipped with an online system called 'ON BOARD SYSTEM' or OBS. The OBS system consists of a tablet which is your personal assistant in each cabin/suite. You can access the system with your email address and password, for the first access you will receive an access password, which you will have to change after activation.

The system can do the following:

  • manage your personal account, here you can see your current rental account, see the amount spent on on-board paid services, get information about the current balance of your prepaid card (on board you can only use your ID card to pay for bars, cafés and other services that carry an additional charge)

  • you can see the daily menus of the restaurants and bookings for themed restaurants,

  • find out about on-board programme options

  • find out about the ship's current position, next departure time, next port of arrival,

  • find out what optional activities are available in and around the port of call, make reservations and pay for services

  • news and other points of interest

All passengers will be issued with a facial RFID ID card upon completion of registration, the QR code on the card will contain your details. The card will be sent to you by post before you start your journey.

Please bring it with you on arrival!


You will be able to open and lock your cabin/suite with the card.


The card must be presented on departure and arrival.


You can use the card to pay for on-board services (theme restaurants, cafeteria, bar).

You can top up your card at the front office with credit, debit and credit cards or cash (USD, EUR, GBP).

If at the end of your trip you have credit left on your card, we will credit it back to your credit or debit card.

Should I pay for internet aboard?

No, it's in the price, you shouldn't need to pay an extra fee.

How long does a round the world cruise take?

The round-the-world trip takes about 27 months, the time spent in ports is about 540 days (The round-the-world trip takes about 27 months, the time spent in ports is about 540 days) , with 211 countries/ports.

Benefits of living on a luxury cruise ship vs. retirement home.

I have written a whole article on this topic here:

Retirement life: boring weekdays or rich adventure experience? Which would you choose?

Retirement home vs. cruise ship luxury residence? 

Comparing costs and lifestyle 

In 2021, retirement is looking much brighter than before. It's time for you to change your perspective! This article is here to help you do just that. 

Nowadays, there are many options for retired people:

Own or rent an apartment for your retirement at an average monthly cost of $11,600

If you are thinking of a nursing home, you can expect to pay roughly $14,250 a month, with 24-hour nursing care, but the same routine every day, a constant environment and constant opportunities every day

You can rent a hotel apartment for a long stay, with breakfast and home care assistance, where you don't have to worry about chores, but it's a rather hectic lifestyle, not to mention the fact that lunch and dinner, entertainment and other facilities are extra on top of the monthly fee.

In the case of the 3 lifestyles above, the holidays are funded at an additional $5,000 per month (this equates to one round-the-world cruise per year for 138 days).

However, a brilliant option for the adventurous and active retiree has emerged, offering a more adventurous, comfortable and exhilarating lifestyle than any other alternative on the market!

The idea is that once you're finally free and never have to work again, how about exploring the world by renting a cabin or suite on a luxury ocean liner for a long period (6 months or more).

The average daily rate of $133-417 includes all-inclusive accommodation, 24-hour free medical supervision, and activity, cultural and entertainment options specifically designed for the 65+ age group.

A very tempting alternative, isn't it?

Well, let's take a closer look at the data!

If you excited of what are the actual numbers of the comparison, see my blog article down below:

How my laundry will be done aboard?

You can use our self-service laundry facilities aboard, when you want, or you can enjoy our laundry service also.

Change of bed linen 1x a week, change of towels 3x a week and the daily cleaning are not your business, our room service will do it for you every day/week or if you ask it. The list of services for each stateroom can be found in the stateroom menu.

How can I choose activities for myself?

Victoria Majestic & Victoria Amazing is more of a classic cruise ship. During the day, guests can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities. For example, there are wine tastings, computer courses or lectures on travel destinations (some for a fee). On board, most guests are middle-aged to seniors. Formal dress is recommended two nights a week. For those guests who prefer an even more relaxed atmosphere, there are alternative options on these two evenings, without formal dress.

For actual entertainment possibilities on board see:

What if I can't handle/can't use any smart devices or App-s?

Don't worry, it's really easy platform like your mobile device, and our staff are always there for you to help!

Will I Get Seasick?

On a big cruise ship it not usual to get seasick, of course it’s possible if the weather is windy or stormy as well.

What is the longest cruise in the world? 

Obviously the 27 months long Grand voyage of Victoria Cruise! 

to rent a stateroom on ship for 27 months (The round-the-world trip takes about 27 months, the time spent in ports is about 540 days.) costs minimum $7 999/month, starting price/stateroom

Before Victoria cruises was the Royal Caribbean world cruise which lasted 274 days, and prices start at $61,000.

What Are the Rooms like and How Do I Choose?

All staterooms include 100% cotton, high-thread count linens, a flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, safe and complimentary room service. Plus, the little extras you find in the best hotels — fresh fruit (by request), evening bed turn-down, chocolates on your pillow, complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body lotion — are provided in every stateroom. Watch a brief video about our staterooms.

We offer a wide range of staterooms options from spacious balcony staterooms. There are also luxurious Full Suites with premium upgrades and complimentary features like laundry and professional cleaning services and more. Our Oceanview and Interior staterooms are a great value for budget conscious travelers.

How much does it cost to retire on a cruise ship?

The average cost of retirement facilities ranges from $3,500 to $10,500 a month, with an average of around $3,700. The average cost of a month at sea is comparable to this at around $3,999 a month for a standard room on a cruise ship

Why Retire on a Cruise Ship?

Living on a cruise houseboat and traveling around the world

The management of Victoria Cruises Line has come up with a colossally ingenious solution,

took the basic idea of a sophisticated and premium retirement home, updated it and "put" it on an ocean liner.

So you can travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home! Amazing!

As they say, "For the sake of a bravura change of scenery, why not live in retirement on a constantly moving ocean liner? "

Why should retirement be about nihilism, boredom and the usual vegetation?

Why shouldn't a moderately young person over 65 be more active than waiting for the daily series on TV and playing cards with friends?

This alternative can also be much cheaper than renting an apartment, hotel room or rest house. It offers the same benefits and advantages, while giving residents the experience of a lifetime.

A cruise ship offers the same amenities a retirement community does, but you are able to travel while enjoying them. You get lodging, dining, and scheduled activities bundled into one price, plus get to explore places you have never been.

A retirement facility may have staff to help out, but cruises cater to their guests every whim making it an incredible experience. Whether it’s your next meal or something fun to do, your desire is a request away – and there will always be plenty of options. Every cruise line is known for different things so you can choose one that has 4 star dining and even Michelin chef award winning food, one that has the best nightlife and entertainment, or one that is geared toward a 55+ demographic and no children aboard.

Most people spend their entire lives working with only a few weeks of vacation a year. Spending at least part of your retirement on a cruise ship means you’ll see the parts of the world you always wished you had time to travel to and you can even do it at a pretty reasonable price.

Author: Vivien H.

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