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SEASICKNESS is the discomfort caused by the motion of the ship. MOTION SICKNESS that disturbs the organs of balance located in the inner ear. Seasickness can be any one or a combination of the following symptoms: NAUSEA, VOMITING , DIZZINESS , HEADACHE , PALLOR , PERSPIRATION , GENERAL MALAISE, etc. Nausea may also be triggered by poor ventilation, hunger, digestive upset, overindulgence in food or drink and unpleasant odors such as tobacco smoke. A person who is anxious, apprehensive or nervous may also develop symptoms of nausea.

It is never advisable to take any medication unless needed. However, if you know from previous experience that you are prone to motion sickness (car sick or air sick) you may want to take one or two seasickness pills approximately 30 minutes before sailing. The preparation available aboard the ship is MECLIZINE. Meclizine, sometimes known as Bonine is a non-chewable tablet, taken 1-2 tablets once daily or as directed by the doctor.

Meclizine is always available and can be obtained free of charge either from RECEPTION or the INFIRMARY.




  1. After taking a seasickness pill, lie down and rest quietly for 30 minutes to one hour to the medication adequate time to work. 
  1. Keep room at cool, comfortable temperature. After the initial period of rest, seek fresh air.
  1. Try some form of exercise or entertainment to keep busy. REMEMBER: Much of feeling “seasick” is simply “mind over matter”. 
  1. The least amount of motion is felt in the center and lower decks of the ship, so try going to these areas. 
  1. Eat and drink sensibly. If nauseous, avoid all fatty, fried, or spicy foods. Tea , or small amounts of dry , bland foods ( i.e., crackers , bread toast , hard rolls , white rice , etc. )

            Relax and ENJOY THE CRUISE!!!




1.      Meclizine does not interfere with cardiac or blood pressure medicines.

2.      Meclizine is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

3.      Pregnant women should not take any medications unless approved and prescribed by their obstetrician.

4.      History of Narrow Angle Glaucoma should avoid this medication.

5.      Seasickness pills must never be taken if you are also wearing a “patch”. We do not supply nor do we recommend the use of the “patch” because of the risk of serious side effects including: extremely dry mouth, urinary retention, dilated pupils, blurred vision, drowsiness, confusion, disorientation and dementia.

6.      Injections are only available when above measures have failed and that the individual can not take tablets or suppositories.

7.      The injections usually last 4-6 hours and there is a fee charged.



Author: Dr. Eloisa Gonzalvo

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