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1. An easy and carefree way to travel the world


We could have just titled this benefit as travel the world but we are going to take it a step further. While travelling the world is a life-changing experience alone, doing it aboard a cruise ship takes away a lot of the pain points that come with global travel. What pain points, you may ask? Let’s take a look:


Planning your itinerary

Booking all your transportation

Booking all your accommodations

Checking in and out of all your accommodations

Continually packing and repacking your bags

Constantly lining up at customs and immigration

The underlying feeling of unsettledness

Lack of consistent travel community

Cruise travel largely removes these negatives as most of the heavy lifting is done for you. You may have heard it before from a serial cruiser as to why they love cruise travel so much, all you have to do is unpack. It’s true, once you have unpacked your luggage the hard part is largely over. Your itinerary is taken care of, your transportation and accommodation sorted, and you have a community of fellow travelers to bond and connect with while you travel around the world.


But we can take this idea of carefree travel even a step further when it comes to a residential cruise ship. The above benefits relate to cruise travel in general, but when you live on the ship you are taking your home with you around the world. This means that you can have all the comforts of home combined with the thrill and adventure of global travel. Every time you explore port destinations, you have the peace of mind that you will be returning to your home on board the ship. Now that’s travelling in comfort!


2. Lots of luxuries and amenities


Besides having the luxury of traveling the world and seeing and experiencing iconic port cities, exotic destinations and completely different cultures, the onboard facilities on the residential cruise ship are almost enough to keep you from getting off at the port.


3. A Sense of Community


Besides the amazing lifestyle on and off the ship, one of the main things current residents at sea rave about is the onboard community. Unlike a regular cruise vacation where your fellow passengers are single-serving friends, these people are your neighbors on a residential ship. And not just any random next-door neighbor, they all share in common a thirst for adventure, freedom, travel.


Being a part of a close-knit community not only provides a sense of belonging, safety and support, but is also proven important for mental health and well-being. At a time when more of us are feeling lonely, having a sense of community is more important than ever.


What’s more, imagine the bonds formed and the story’s created by your shared experiences exploring the world with your fellow community of global citizens.


4. You don’t need to be retired


Where retirement was most likely the case for the majority of the first batch of residents when "The World" vessel launched back in 2002, much has changed since then. Especially when it comes to technology and communications. As we’ve witnessed during the last two years during the pandemic, remote working, home-schooling and telehealth have suddenly become the new norm.


People can now collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world through platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Slack. They can also communicate by video with software such as Zoom, Meet and Twilio. Provided you have a solid internet connection and a job that can be done remotely, you can now work from pretty much anywhere, including a giant boat!


It seems Victoria Cruises  are capitalizing on this as they are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies to enable their residents to work  onboard the ship. Besides having high-speed internet accessible from just about anywhere on the ship, they also have home office set-ups in the condos, business centers, co-working spaces.

During the refurbishment, the boats were equipped with the state-of-the-art O3b mPower satellite internet system, providing unlimited and fast internet access to all passengers 24 hours a day. O3b mPOWER-a terabit-scale satellite system that will deliverunprecedented speed, latency, and capacity to break through thelimitations of the past. O3b mPOWER's enhanced capabilities will open the door to a new range of applications and services-from real-time edge compute and Internet of things (IoT) to dedicated cloud access-giving companies with mobile assets, such as cruise ships and airplanes, the connectivity they need to take their operations and customer experience to the next level.


5. The all-inclusive fees are comparable to most major world cities


Victoria cruises all-inclusive fees start at around $132 per day. When you think about what you spend day to day on expenses, this is pretty good. In fact, it is more than good, because besides the inclusive life including most meals, beverages, wi-fi, satellite TV, entertainment, laundry and housekeeping, you also get access to all of those amazing facilities and amenities mentioned earlier. As such, you will not need to carry a wallet with you, because you won’t need it!


Living at sea

For those who are able to sustain themselves while living at sea, rental at home onboard a luxury residential cruise ship seems like the ultimate bucket list experience, enabling you to travel the world with your tribe, support the local communities you visit, and write your own life story. I know for this particular writer, he has made it his lifelong mission to one day live at sea and become a global citizen, and hopefully leave the world in better shape than when I entered it.

Author: Maurizio P.

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